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Convert Xaml To EMF, Render Xaml to System.Drawing & more

XamlToys is a CLR 3.5 library that implements various high level operations on Xaml files, and a collection of mostly command line tools that perform batch operations on Xaml files.

Current Version

For developers, the public interface includes:
  • LoadXamlFromFile
  • RealizeFrameworkElement
  • GetDrawingFromXaml
  • MakeDrawingSerializable
  • CreateEmf
  • RenderDrawingToGraphics
For end users, the command line tools are:
  • xaml2emf - converts visual xaml content to emf files which can be placed in Word and other applications.
  • xaml2drawing - flattens the visual tree from nested xaml framework elements to a single drawing group.
The current tools were written orginally to allow drawings from Microsoft Expression Design to be used in other workflows.

Next Version

  • flow2xps and xaml2png are being ported from independant implementations to the current library.
  • cfXaml - GUI tool to convert Expression Design's cfXaml package format to EMF in place on the clipboard.
  • xamlview - yet another XamlPad-ish tool, with support for packaged ResourceDictionary + images drawings.

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